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Whether you are giving major warrior ii pose on the beach, popping champagne with your besties, or yachting through the hectic waters of life, we are with you every stiletto-heeled step of the way. Featuring diverse women, and sharing the best tips and stories for all your major moments, it is Chill.Pop.Live’s goal to help you craft your perfect life. Oh and don’t forget your glue gun, you’re going to need it!


Co-Founder and Creative Director

From a young age, Pam has always been passionate about creating.  She will never forget rewriting her favorite books to make herself the heroine and the countless hours she would spend remodeling her Barbie townhome. It is in those moments, that she learned the beauty in watching imagination come to life.

This drive pushed her to pursue everything she could dream of from former television screenwriter, to project management consultant, to cofounder of Chill.Pop.Live.

At CPL, Pam serves as the Lead Writer, Creative Director, and the girl who just likes to make things pretty and fun.

She spends her days juggling work and family, Pinterest-ing, and wondering why these things are always in the third person. Her motto, “You only have one life, so why not make every moment POP!”

Bonnie-Love Douglas Chill Pop Live


Co-Founder and Art Director

From selling shined pennies door-to-door at the tender age of 6 to becoming Creative Director/Co-owner of d2d Creative & d2d Photo, Bonnie-Love has always had the entrepreneurial bug.

With a burning desire, to work on a project that encompassed all her true passions including beauty, decor, arts and crafts, party planning and most importantly family, Bonnie-Love prayed for and manifested the opportunity to make this all happen.

Chill.Pop.Live started as a vent sesh at her and Pamela’s weekly girls’ night. The “what ifs” turned in to reality and the rest goes down on the net.

Bonnie-Love serves as the lead designer, photographer and video producer for Chill.Pop.Live.

When not working on Chill.Pop.Live or d2d Creative, she is busy producing a YouTube channel with her adorable and funny daughters: The JK Sisters.