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Pajama Picnic with Hearth & Health with Magnolia

We’re having a Pajama Picnic! Are you ready for an adult take on your childhood favorite? Here are our rules to keeping it CPL-real and keeping your sanity. Pajama Picnic…

We’re having a Pajama Picnic! Are you ready for an adult take on your childhood favorite? Here are our rules to keeping it CPL-real and keeping your sanity.

Pajama Picnic with Hearth & Health with Magnolia

Keep it at Home

Staying home is the new going out. An indoor picnic is a fun way to surprise your guests. Not only can you change the climate with a click of a button, but you can also throw your picnic regardless of the time of day or season. No ants here!

Keep it Rustic

Farmhouse rustic is totally living its best life right now. And its bff gingham is right there with it. Gingham bikinis, gingham scarves, you name it and you can find it covered in checkered squares. And that we did! While strolling the aisles of our second home, also known as Target, we came across the Hearth & Hand with Magnolia line. Designed by Joanna Gaines, this handpicked line oozes rustic charm and brings a sophisticated twist to casual country décor. Our eyes caught a glimpse of this gorgeous gingham table runner with coordinating napkins and it was love at first sight. Throw in our CPL staple mason jars and some baby’s breath (and Rosemary!) and suddenly you are serving up a healthy dose of country chic on a dime.

Country Chic Tablescape with Hearth & Hand with Magnolia line

Keep it Simple

Drop the apron and pick up the phone. Picnics are about enjoying friends, family, and the carefree. Order a couple of your favorite foods, for us pizza is a no brainer, wings and of course drinks. Our summer fave is Frozé. We empty a bottle of Rosé into ice trays the night before… Okay, disclaimer, maybe not the whole bottle, because we sneak a couple sips. But anyway, right before the party, we drop the cubes in the blender with some fresh tart berries and juicy watermelon. With one sip, we are instantly transported to one of those cool restaurants, where everybody where’s a top bun, the kale is organic, and there is one of those trendy pink neon signs blinking above our head. Okay back to reality. Drink? Check. Pizza? Check. Dessert? Remember the mantra… “keep it simple”. Desserts are a fun way to bring a burst of color to the table and if that color is pink, well all the better. We went with donuts decorated in fruity pebbles. It played on the childhood theme and was the perfect pairing with pizza. Best of all we did not have to make them!

Keep it easy with foods for your indoor picnic.

Why should the fun end?

Charcuterie board + Wine = the CPL version of hitting up the drive through after the club. We created an after party table with a gorgeous charcuterie board and assortment of wines. This allows guests to transition from the table to a more relaxed vibe and enjoy other entertainment including music and movies.

Chacuterie, chips and dip and wine make for a fun afterparty!

Keep it fun

The best picnics are in your pajamas. Nix the formal wear and settle into your coziest pjs, or sexiest, whatever you prefer. But, you must wear gloss. Why? Well, because you are a CPL lady. Also, because this whole party is so amazing, all your besties will be instagram-ing it! Hope you’ve enjoyed the photos from our Pajama Picnic with Hearth and Health with Magnolia line!

Snapchat filters at our pajama picnic

Post your pics from your favorite parties and tag them #cplparty.




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A Besties’ Guide to Throwing a Brunch

A Step by Step Guide to Throwing a Brunch: A 25th Birthday Party “Hey Shawdy, it’s your birthday and we going party like it’s your birthday! And you know we…

A Step by Step Guide to Throwing a Brunch: A 25th Birthday Party

“Hey Shawdy, it’s your birthday and we going party like it’s your birthday! And you know we gonna have a brunch, ’cause it’s your birthday!”

Disclosure: * Some of the links in this post are affiliate links which means, at no additional cost to you, we will be compensated if you click through and make a purchase. 🙂

Do you have a birthday coming up? Feeling overwhelmed and getting the birthday blues? Or maybe you’re planning a party for your bestie. With so many options and decisions, it’s easy to get bogged down in the details and quickly turn a happy day into a stressful one. Well no worries, CPL to the rescue.  When our CPL Bestie Zari was approaching the big 25, she asked could we help. She wanted an event that was pretty, but above all fun. We put on our thinking berets… Why berets? Well they are having a major fashion moment. And after giving our best Beyoncé in the mirror for five moments, we designed a super cool brunch. With this step by step guide to throwing a brunch, you will be brunching with your besties in no time.

The Menu

brunch appetizers

Don’t overthink it! Your menu should be delicious, but also simple. At CPL, we like to assign levels of difficulties to our food categories. All starter dishes should be easy, but colorful. Fruits and veggies are totally the way to go! For brunch, one of the easiest items to make is avocado toast. Smash avocados with a squeeze of lime, slather on toast and sprinkle on some salt, pepper and red chili flakes. Want to kick it up a notch, drizzle some balsamic glaze, and add chunks of goat cheese. Feeling a little naughty? Place a poached egg on top. Partner this up with a grapefruit salad and your brunch is off to a great start. Worried about your main dishes? Calm down and pop a bottle, because we have you covered.

These dishes do require cooking; however, they use many of the same ingredients and don’t have too many steps.

Less ingredients = Less food prep. Less food prep = More champagne.

brunch food

The idea is for you to spend your day having fun with your besties, not slaving away in the kitchen. Our recommendation Besties, make french toast. You can use your traditional recipe, but make sure you add in a teaspoon of orange zest and a tablespoon of honey. It will give your dish an added layer of flavor and sophistication. Now a true brunch should have multiple options, so switch your traditional quiche for a crustless version in ramekins or as we call it delicious egg soufflé. Switch up your recipe a bit and experiment with a smoky cheese like Gruyere. Give your home fries a kick with our Garlic Aioli sauce. For our meat eaters, grill some bacon and sausage on the side.

Cocktails & Cake

Confetti Cake and Triple Citrus Mimosas

And cocktails, why champagne of course. Try this super cool Triple Citrus Mimosa from The Pretty Dish. Desert? Well it’s a b-day party so Cake, Cake, Cake! This cute little confetti cake fit in perfectly with our theme. The gold candles gave it a splash of sexy.


The Set Up

Guide to throwing a brunch tablescape

The key to making your brunch look great is an amazing table-scape.  Pick a theme and make that sh*t bananas. We love the whole pineapple and palms movement that is shaking up Pinterest. Add in some pink and rose gold and we are definitely having a CPL moment. We created custom menus that the birthday girl really appreciated.  The super cute green dishes we got from Joanna Gaines collection at target. The pink cloth napkins were a steal at Amazon. If you haven’t picked up yet, we love us a nice cloth napkin. Gives the table a touch of sophistication and are washable so use them as many times as you want. The buffet serving tiers, vases, and glasses are from our go to… Crate and a Barrel.  Fruit and flowers are always a great way to bring some color to a table. Do you remember CPL co-founder Pam’s fruit table runner from her wedding? Everyone was talking about it! Last tip: Low on a flower budget, place single buds in a slender vase.


The Final Step

Have fun! It’s your birthday and we going to party like it’s a CPL day! Take lots of pics and make sure to tag us #chillpoplive

Hostesses with the Guest of Honor


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Quick & Easy Dragon Loves Taco Party

A Quick & Easy Dragon Loves Taco Party

Disclosure: *To make it easy for your last minute party, we’ve included direct links to many of the items we used. Some of the links are affiliate links which means, at no additional cost to you, we will be compensated if you click through and make a purchase. 🙂

We have all been there. Yes you know what we are talking about… it’s your kid’s bday and you have no idea what you are going to do. Between conference calls, checking homework, and babysitting your husband, you completely lost track of time and money and the day is quickly approaching. Our CPL bestie Karleeta reached out to us with the same problem. Check out our tips for throwing together a birthday party that is super quick and works with any budget.

At CPL, we are no stranger to throwing together quick shindigs. And let’s be honest, with everything you have going on, you probably don’t have the time to plan out party details months in advance. Heck, you probably can’t remember the last time you went to the bathroom without someone knocking on the door. However, fear not besties, the key to quickly pulling off a party is creating a schedule.  By staying organized, we put together this party in two weeks.  Here is your schedule countdown.

Set a Budget

The first thing to get this train moving is checking your wallet. Set your budget asap and stick to it. Remember focus on spending creativity and not always money. Check in with your family and besties to see if they would be willing to donate their services in lieu of a gift. This is also a great way to incorporate other children in your family. With simple instructions, Titan’s younger family members created personalized party favors as their gift to him. The kids found the crafts creative and fun, and most of the items they already had around the house including paper towel rolls, glue, construction paper, etc. Need a clown? Your bestie who is always goofing around has just been nominated.  She can consider this payback for that time you were nursing and you went to her birthday party at the club. There is a ton of ways to get creative to bring your vision to life.

Pick a Theme

When picking a theme make sure it is unique to your child.  You may think because you are on a quick timeline that this party can’t be detailed and personal, but it totally can.  The key is picking something that is totally special to your child and making it your own. Is your kid obsessed with wildlife? Throw him/her a safari in the backyard complete with stuffed animals. How about unicorns? Throw your kid a rainbow colored party with sparkles. For Karleeta’s son Titan’s 2nd birthday party we went super creative with a Dragons Love Tacos theme. It was priceless to see his reaction at his favorite book coming to life. It’s also cool to add an element of surprise to your theme.  Titan’s birthday is in March one the coldest months of the year, so we made sure to bring some sunshine and give his party a “day in the park” vibe.


Shopping Time!*

I have one word Amazon, Amazon, Amazon! Whether you are low on time, or not, you can all have all your purchases sent via Amazon Prime in a couple days or less. Also, the competitive pricing is amazing and will help you shop for bargains. We scoured Amazon looking for the coolest party materials and purchased these fun food baskets, bright balloons, awesome dragons, nice party banner, adorable crazy straws, colorful polka dots plates, and the cutest item of all… miniature wooden park benches. Easy to assemble, these benches gave the whole party an outdoor look. Party favors were easy. We laid off the sugar, our CPL babies are sweet enough, and purchased Crayola 4-pack crayons from you guessed it… Amazon. We packaged these with coloring books that we printed out. The best part? We picked out all these items the week of the party and got them the next day!

Dragon Loves Taco Decor

Repurpose Party Goods

True to budget, we also looked at items that we had in our house that we could repurpose. These green Ikea Hampen rugs are a CPL favorite and we love to use them at parties to bring in that grassy knoll feel. You might recall them from our affordable little girls’ tea party. For parties with a festive feel, we love to use our Crate and Barrel galvanized servingware. Oh, and these chalkboards that of course we got at Amazon for CPL co-founder Pam’s ultra-chic wedding on a budget.

On the Menu

Oh, and food we almost forgot! One of the best things about the Dragons Love Tacos theme is the food was already picked out. To amp the tacos theme we threw an element of surprise, you know that thing we mentioned earlier, and did a kid’s take on Mexican street food. Creating this culinary feast was quick and definitely fun! When creating multiple items for a party, we like to mix super easy items that don’t require cooking with simple prep food items. Instead of grilled Mexican street corn, which we absolutely love but not so much for a kids’ party, we opted for popcorn served in paper cones.  We swapped empanadas for Smucker’s Uncrustables, and we did three flavors of tacos and nachos.  Look out for the recipe in our future posts. And of course, we had to look out for the adults without a little party in a cup. The frozen cucumber and strawberry margaritas were to die for.

Dragon Loves Taco Food Menu


So besties, next time your in a party dilemma remember these words Chill.Pop.Live!

Here are the affiliate links* to the party decor that really made this Dragon Loves Taco 2nd Birthday pop!

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Lucky Charms Popcorn Treat

If your kids are anything like ours then you already know that the marshmallows are where it’s at! Just in time for St. Patty’s Day, here’s a super quick and…

If your kids are anything like ours then you already know that the marshmallows are where it’s at! Just in time for St. Patty’s Day, here’s a super quick and fun recipe the kiddies will love to help with. Just don’t turn your back or your ingredients may be eaten all up before this Lucky Charms Popcorn Treat is done. We used popcorn, white candy melts, green sprinkles and had the kids pick out the marshmallow from the Lucky Charms. Get creative and add your favorite treat. Tag us in your pics please! #chillpoplive


Lucky Charms Marshmallows (We rummaged through half a cereal box)
2 bags of popcorn (trust us you’ll want leftovers)
1 bag white candy melts
Green sprinkles to your liking


1. Pop a bag or 2 of your favorite popcorn. Line a baking sheet with wax paper. Make a single layer of popcorn.
2. Melt white candy melts in a microwave safe bowl. 30 seconds at a time until they’re melted. Stir in between each interval. Ours took 1.5 minutes to melt.
3. Pour melted candy on popcorn.
4. Sprinkle with Lucky Charms Marshmallows and green sprinkles.
5. Now the hard part…you have to wait for it to cool 😎 OR you can do like we did and popped it in the fridge for 10 minutes.

CPL Cutie enjoying making Lucky Charm Popcorn Treat

Enjoy! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Falling Back in Love with your Shoes

Falling back in love with your shoes | A Shoe Makeover Have you ever had a pair of shoes that you cherish? Sure it may have been rocky in the…

Falling back in love with your shoes | A Shoe Makeover

Have you ever had a pair of shoes that you cherish? Sure it may have been rocky in the beginning. One of you may have had to stretch a little to make this a good fit. But, you both committed and made it work. For months, you two were in love. Whether grabbing a quick bite to eat, or strolling in the park, you two were inseparable.  You even remember that first date or new job when you were together. Well until the unthinkable happens, it’s a year in and you guys are on a dry spell.  Those sexy stilettos just aren’t stacking up next to this season’s stunners. Well have no fear, here at Chill.Pop.Live, we can show you how to bring the magic back! Bonus, we won’t even charge you for therapy. It’s shoe makeover time!

To keep you and your favorite heels in sync, please see the below guide to reviving your relationship.

Assess the Damage

Everybody has a shoe they are in love with; however, after months or years of endless wear, the shoe becomes more “bore snore” than “chill thrill”. THE SOLUTION: Figure out what is no longer working for you. Assess the color, style, and condition of the shoe to identify areas of improvement.  Is the heel worn? Easy fix, call a local cobbler who can refinish the soles.  Is the color dated? This is not an easy fix. Unless the shoes are satin and you can dye them, it may be time to say goodbye and send them to (gasp) the back of the closet.  Maybe it’s the style. Is there a new trend you are interested in and your current shoe game doesn’t cut it? Or, are you afraid to invest in a trend that may be gone by next season? We’ve found the solution… Repurpose a pair of previously worn shoes. Why invest in a trend when you can makeover an existing pair of shoes you already have?

Shoe Makeover

Cue the Glue

Anything that is broken will need glue and shoes are no exception. Here at CPL, we know the quickest way to redesign a shoe is to glue on embellishments. Whether it is feathers, pom-poms, or velvet ties, adding embellishments to a pair of shoes can totally ramp up their look. To prove our point, we pulled out our good and faithful black stilettos.  These stilettos have been our favorite go-to over the years; however, recently, they just seem to be lying around in our closet.  There is a new trend that we’ve been dying to try, the faux feather/fur slide. To execute this makeover it is pretty simple.

  1. Apply hot glue to your shoe. By now, you should know the hot glue gun is our favorite tool, but it makes life so much easier and it’s super quick.
  2. Place the fur trim on top of the glue. We chose Touch of Nature 1- Piece Feather Marabou Craft Boa on Amazon.
  3. Trim the excess fur off the shoe. And tada! Your shoe has officially been made over.

DIY Shoe Makeover


faux fur shoe makeover

Now start walking ’cause it’s time to remember why you two were inseparable in the first place. Make sure to use #cpl when showing us your shoe makeover.

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Spill the Tea – How to throw an affordable girls’ party

Every little girl is different. You have your Bonnie-Love’s of the world that would literally throw BF’s if she was ever told she would have to wear anything frilly or…

Every little girl is different. You have your Bonnie-Love’s of the world that would literally throw BF’s if she was ever told she would have to wear anything frilly or pink. She came out of the womb with Doc Martins and an asymmetric bob. And then you have the Pam’s – those girls that dream of Prince Charming, white horses, and play with doll houses for hours. It just so happens, Bonnie-Love’s youngest daughter is a “Pam”.  Kali-Raye has got to be the girliest princess that you will ever meet! So, we thought what better to celebrate her 4th birthday than to throw her a magical tea party. One that she could only dream of. But, in true Chill.Pop.Live. style, this party had to have flair.

Little girl tea party idea

The Vibe

  1. It had to be unique – who wants a cookie cutter tea party with items from a box? We’re all about creating memories that last a lifetime and of course amazzzing photo opps.
  2. It must feel special- we wanted each child to feel like it was their day. A party is only fun if your friends are having fun too!
  3. It had to be inexpensive – no need to break the bank every time your kid has a birthday. This is where getting a little creative, Pinteresting like crazy, and the Dollar Tree comes in to play.

The Guest List

The guest list included 8 little princesses between the ages of 3-5. By keeping the guest list small, we were able to keep costs down. This also allowed us to splurge on some items and give these girls a true tea party experience.  The CPL way is “the more intimate the better”. It allows you to truly focus on your guests and at this age, kids really need individual attention.  Can you remember the last time you were at a crowded kid’s party venue with twenty of your child’s closest friends? After emptying your entire wallet on party packages, games and prizes, you probably spent every moment counting kids, praying you didn’t lose anybody, and holding your breath every time one of them disappeared into that endless pit of balls. The one thing you didn’t have…FUN. So, take it easy on yourself and focus on quality not quantity. Also, always enlist friends and family to help. Kali’s older sister Jayla-Skye was the hostess with the mostest.

The Venue

To create the perfect ambiance, we cleared all the furniture in the room. This gave us a blank canvas to create a space dedicated to the party. We were able to find 4 large palettes that served as the base. We added a couple folding tables but only used the tops, not the legs. We added a flat board to the top for some extra height, topped with a couple white tablecloths and we now had ourselves a sweet, low table. A green shag rug and a few fluffy pillows made for comfortable seating. We snagged the pillows at Ross and already had the rugs from a playroom. We’re all about repurposing items you already have or borrowing from friends.

We created these adorable platters with items found at The Dollar Tree. With a can of left over white spray paint and our handy dandy hot glue gun, we went to work.

The Grub

Now, on to the food…what’s a tea party without a bunch of small bites?! We have to tell you – these girls were in food heaven.

We served sweet iced tea out of dainty tea pots, added rainbow sprinkles to pink wafers, mac-n-cheese bites for little fingers, french vanilla yogurt and strawberry parfaits, PB & J minis, bought colorful cupcakes from Giant, frozen white castle burgers and made delicious strawberry milk with sprinkled rims served in the cutest milk jars we found at The Dollar Tree. Whew saying all that was a mouthful!

strawberry milk with sprinkles

sprinkled wafer and cupcakes

PB & Js and strawberry parfaits

mac n cheese bites

The Fun

Let’s get this party started. Candy necklace time! The girls started out making necklaces with Life Saver Gummies, peach rings and Fruit Loops. String them on some colorful twine and you have yourself a delicious, wearable treat.

Homemade candy necklaces

They also decorated Dollar Tree wooden hearts. To jazz it up, we glued blinged out letters for their first inital. The letters were a cheap find at A.C. Moore. With markers, stickers and gems also from The Dollar Tree, this was a quick and easy, inexpensive craft. Always remember it’s not about spending money but about spending style.

Speaking of which, we have to give a shoutout to Red Ted Art. They have a free printable template for making these card stock tea cups. We used them as decor for our custom made banner and played fun games with them. Total cost to make these bad boys was a whopping $5 and we had plenty of stock leftover. Who knew card stock could be used for so much more than scrap booking?

tea cup banner

We finished the party off with a photo booth with accessories from…you guessed it…The Dollar Tree, opened gifts and it was a wrap. All in all, we spent less than $150 on food, decor and games. But, best of all the moms of the little girls gave us the sweetest compliments. They really enjoyed the thought that was put into each detail.

It might sound like a lot, but with a friend by your side, a glue gun handy and a nice bottle of your favorite champs, you too can create a magical tea party for your favorite little one!

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Galentine’s Day on a Budget

Cue the music! Turn up the lights. It’s one of our favorite holidays. No, the kids aren’t going back to school, but yes, you will finally get a well-deserved break….

Cue the music! Turn up the lights. It’s one of our favorite holidays. No, the kids aren’t going back to school, but yes, you will finally get a well-deserved break. Ladies! Can you hear us? We said LADIESSSSSSS can you hear us?!?!! We’ll show you how to plan a galentine’s dinner sans stress.

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