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Take Back Mother’s Day, Queen!

Disclosure: *We’ve included direct links to some of the items we’re recommending. Some of the links are affiliate links which means, at no additional cost to you, we will be compensated if you click through and make a purchase. 🙂

Mother’s day is almost here. The one day a year, when you reign as queen and finally get the appreciation that you damn well deserve.  Yes, we see you my sister, and today we say no more treating everybody else, time for our three favorite words… “Treat Yo Self.”

Treat Yo Self.

So, drive away from the car pool line, hit the snooze button as many times as you like, and you know what, that presentation that is due Monday… yeah that’s still due. We can’t do anything about that. We are bold, but not that bold. We still like to keep a day job. #Save But, we will give you our best tips on how to take back Mother’s Day. Make sure to read all the way to the end for a free printable Mother’s Day Wishlist. Leave it in their lunchbox, on the passenger seat of Honey’s car or be bold and deliver face to face. 🙂

So a la Parks and Rec, “clothes treat yo self, massages treat yo self, mimosas treat yo self, and fine leather goods treat yo self,” because we are going to give you the Mother’s day wish list of all wish lists. And instead of treating yo self, we are going to teach your family how to finally treat you. PREACH!


First up… jewelry. Now listen, we are all about a macaroni necklace, but the last time we got off one of our extreme diets, we found ourselves cooking that necklace and adding butter.It was the only carb we had left in the house! So, to resolve that issue, if you have a full time job, please provide some jewelry that is not edible.  All jewelry is welcomed and costume jewelry is a fun and inexpensive way to keep your mom on trend and save some coins. Right now Baroque glam is having a moment…did you see the photos of our fave celebs at the Met? The theme this year was “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination”. Rihanna, SZA, Cardi B, Blake Lively to name a few, rocked the Baroque look!. It’s all about grandeur and a CPL favorite…crowns.  Pieces like these let you have fun with fashion and because they are costume, you will have no worries parting with these items next season. Check out Express and Bauble Bar for fun, ornate, costume jewelry.


Flowers, okay so nothing is more agitating than when Bae half tries and brings home the last set of wilted flowers in the grocery store. I mean yeah it’s the thought that counts, but so does planning. Take away the pressure and pick some lovely flowers from UrbanStems. Click on this link and you’ll get $15 off your order.  Literally, these flowers were designed by Vogue and take your breath away. I mean sometimes when they come to the office, we feel so fancy that we pretend we are Meryl Streep in the Devil Wears Prada for a good ten minutes. “That is all.” Side note, this is almost as fun as when we wear berets and pretend to be Beyoncé.

And, if you’re just not in to flowers, ask for this delicious sausage bouquet! We love nothing better than a few cuts of salami and cheese paired with our fave wine or champs.

Not Your Momma’s Manis

At CPL, we are all about relaxation meets glam, and what better way to do both than a mani. Yes, nothing makes you feel more like a lady, than having your nails and your hair done! So, skip the standard ballerina pink and opt for a pattern that is bright or unique. This is the day you gave birth to a human… celebrate! And not with that same safe color that you have been rocking since your wedding day. We’re loving bright yellow SNS Organic nails, chrome nails, designs and any other look that says “I take risks!”

Not your momma's nails, chrome, SNS organic, designs.

Spa Time

If you can’t go to the spa have your family bring the spa to you.  Check out this article on how they can turn your bathroom into your retreat. Trust me, this is the one CPL tip we try to use twice a week, and it strengthens are Chi! Not to mention we smell delicious when we hop out of this bath. This one is great because the kids and the hubby can get involved with the prep, (kids love to see the bath bomb hit the water), and you get to enjoy!

Spa Time at home with a bath bomb, wine and a good book

Mother’s Day Card

Finally, nothing is more precious than a card, and if it’s homemade well that just takes the cake… and the pie…and the ice cream sandwich. Gifts that make an impact come down to being thoughtful, not being rich. So, save the dough and get the kiddies and yourself on cam sending heartfelt wishes. Why the camera? Well who cannot shed a tear while they are looking into their loved one eyes. Also get with the times, if you can Facetime us at the grocery store to pick up Tostino’s pizza rolls and a 12-pack of beer, than you can send us a heartfelt message via video cam. We’re loving the Boomerang app. Have the fam download it for free and take a super fun, 6 second video. Let’s see how creative they can get.

Printable Mother’s Day Wishlist

Now that we’ve given you our tips on how to take back Mother’s Day, make sure to download our free printable Mother’s Day wishlist so you make sure to get what you really want this Mother’s Day 2018!

Download our printable Mother's Day WishlistAnd that’s all we have. Please hasthag your day with #CPL!

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Double Dating Ideas for Busy Couples

Double Dating Ideas for Busy Couples Hey CPL ladies! Today we are talking about a different kind of bestie… “Double Besties.” We understand, and know adulting is super hard. Between…

Double Dating Ideas for Busy Couples

Hey CPL ladies! Today we are talking about a different kind of bestie… “Double Besties.” We understand, and know adulting is super hard. Between the endless feedings, Netflix marathons, and “what if” arguments… Please see below for reference:

Wifey: What if I die, would you marry someone else?

Bae: Of course… but not for a very long time.

Wifey: Oh, so you are already planning to cheat on me.

Bae: Well it’s until death do us part and you are dead.

Wifey: And you are a monster!!!!!!!!

End scene.

Easy and fun couples date night ideas

It can feel like you and Bae are on a desert island, while everyone else is living their “best life” on Instagram.  And although the location of an exotic island may seem appealing… it would be more glamorous, if there weren’t bills, fighting children, and an abundance of strep throat and pink eye. Until that magical day when you spot them across the playground, that cool couple with kids about your age. They are arguing just as loudly as you and Bae, while bandaging scraped knees, fighting off exhaustion, and discreetly sipping spiked coffee from a Seven Eleven Big Gulp cup. This must be a mirage. They seem real, and caring, and most importantly fun. Let’s go over and meet them. And as you proudly strut up to them, couple’s mating season begins. You officially have someone to vent to when you are stuck baking brownies for the bake sale.

Here are CPL’s tips for couples double dating

  1. Stay in – Whip up an exciting dinner at home and go for exotic fare. Let’s face it, all week long, you have been stuffing your dainty face with goldfish, organic chicken nuggets, and the scrapings of your kids leftover plates. Tuck the kiddies in and treat yourself and your friends to something they could only imagine eating at a cool food truck. Our favorite go to is the super easy Bulgogi recipe from the Godmother of Entertaining Martha Stewart. This takes only a half hour to make and we double the sauce to flavor precooked meatballs. Defrost some steamed dumplings and you have a pretty impressive meal. Keep lettuce wraps on hand for those with diet restrictions. And of course we Crate and Barreled up our presentation.
  2. Make it a family thing – The best part about hanging out with a couple with kids is you no longer need a babysitter to have fun. So head to someplace both the kids and adults can enjoy… our recommendation camping! Sit underneath the stars all while bonding, toasting s’mores, and telling each other scary stories. Bring along canoes and have a family race or get lazy and drift along the river in a tube on a slow Sunday morning.
  3. Paint and Sip – Grab some canvases and head outside. Let nature work its inspiration, while the kids have a blast and you sip cocktails and draw a la Bob Ross. This is a great way for both families to break from electronic entertainment and stay present in the moment.
  4. Use Groupon! This site has hundreds of activities dedicated to couples, families, friends and singles. Learn or try something you always wanted to all with your new besties beside you.\
  5. Enjoy having friends! Make sure to cherish your new friendships and take the time to help them grow. One of the best feelings in the world is having someone you can relate to, so remember that. You will transition from “what if” arguments to actual confirmation of your deepest thoughts:


Wifey: I know it’s crazy.

Wifey 2: Like he can throw a sac of beans into a cornhole this small.

Wifey: But can’t pee inside of a wide toilet.

And that my friend is priceless!

Comment below and let us know about your favorite double dating ideas!

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St. Patrick’s Day Crock Pot Guinness Sliders

Hey Ladies! In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we made a delicious Crock Pot Guinness Pot Roast that turned into even more delicious Guinness Sliders! 🍔 Guinness isn’t just for drinking. Now, you can eat your booze in this delicious CPL recipe that we’ve made our own. Watch the video to get step by step instructions on how to make this for St. Patrick’s Day or any other day that you’re in the mood for yummy pot roast sliders. Serve these up at your next dinner, football night or ladies night!


1 (20 lb.) boneless beef chuck roast
1/2 bottle (6 fl. oz) bottle of Guinness® (or Irish Stout of your choice)
1 package Lipton® Onion Soup Mix
1/2 c. Worchestire sauce
1 tbsp. olive oil
1 medium-sized onion
1.5 tsp. minced garlic
salt & pepper to taste
1 tsp. onion powder
1 tsp. garlic powder
10 or so baby carrots
3 ribs of celery
10 creamer potatoes


1 c. red wine (we like Cabernet Sauvignon)
2 tbsp. brown sugar
1/2 stick butter
1 tsp. Better than Bouillon
1/2 c. juice from roast (Crock Pot)


1 package Hawaiian Rolls
6 slices provolone or swiss cheese
2 tbs. mayonaise


1. Cut up onions, celery and carrots
2. Season roast on all sides with salt, pepper, onion powder and garlic powder
2. Heat olive oil on a large skillet on med/high
3. Brown roast on all sides
4. Add roast to crock pot
5. Add Guinness, onions, celery, carrots, Worchestire Sauce and Lipton Soup Mix
8. Cover and cook on low 8 hours (6 hours on high while result in a slightly tougher roast)

Once roast is finished cooking, start on your sauce.
1. Melt butter
2. Add brown sugar, juice from roast and wine
3. Simmer to reduce

Now, prepare your sliders.
Cut all the tops of the Hawaiian Rolls off. Do not break apart.
Slather on mayonnaise to the insides of tops and bottoms.
Add shredded pot roast and top with cheese.
Close buns and pour wine reduction over top.
Pop in the over at 375 for 15-20 minutes.

Let us know if you’ve try these out. Tag us in your pics! #chillpoplive

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A Cancer Makeover

Christal Lynch tells her story of fighting a battle against Leiomyoscarcoma, a soft tissue cancer, and winning! Watch her beauty makeover and listen to her inspiring story in this video….

Christal Lynch tells her story of fighting a battle against Leiomyoscarcoma, a soft tissue cancer, and winning! Watch her beauty makeover and listen to her inspiring story in this video. Share this cancer makeover with anyone you know who has been diagnosed with cancer.

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Rise & Shine, Ladies

Rise and shine, ladies! Tired of the winter blues? WELL, HERE COMES THE SUN! Spring 2018 is on its way and it’s all about yellow. Below are our coolest, or…

Rise and shine, ladies! Tired of the winter blues? WELL, HERE COMES THE SUN! Spring 2018 is on its way and it’s all about yellow. Below are our coolest, or shall we say warmest, picks to brighten up your day. Coming in five, four, three, two…

Sugarfix by Baublebar

Did someone say a bar, tassles, yellow? Check. We are all in. Who knew we could get all our favorite things in one. This fabulous meringue fringe will have you turning heads everywhere.

Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka

Speaking of bars, nothing says spring like a sweet lemon drop. Not a mixologist? Don’t worry, Eddy has you covered. Simply add club soda and sip. Instantly, you will feel transported to sexy summer evenings with the girls.

Drybar Lil’ Lemon Drop

Lemon drops aren’t just for drinking. Tangled hair is no match for this mini brush. Wet or dry it will leave your mane manageable.

Drybar Baby Buttercup Travel Blow-Dryer

Working on your summer bod, but all those endless trips to the gym leaving your hair flat and lifeless? Drybar has the solution. This dryer may look small, but don’t be fooled, it’s packed with power. With two temperature settings, and a cooling feature, this ionic wonder gets rid of frizz while bringing major shine.

Batiste Dry Shampoo

BONUS: Make your blowouts last longer with Batiste Dry Shampoo. A cult classic, this brand is a must for celebrity hair stylists and gives oily roots a much needed boost. Snag it in the Coconut and Exotic Tropical scent, and you will swear you are on vacay.

DevaCurl Wavy Mini Transformation Kit

Rocking natural hair? Don’t worry, we have our CPL Besties covered. A hairline dedicated to all textures, DevaCurl has kits in a variety of formulas that will give all your curls glorious bounce. Small enough to take anywhere, this little package is always in our bag.

Mac Grand Illusion Liquid Lipcolour

Why should hair have all the fun, we mean sun? This liquid lipcolour is all about the future with a wash of sheer electric yellow and pink iridescence. Best of all, it plumps up your smackers for the most delightful kiss.

Revolution Naked Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette

Ground breaking, an eye shadow kit that isn’t the cost of a fancy steak dinner has arrived. Revolution brings you the cutest shades with the sweetest flavors at a great price. It is a must find.

Purity Made Simple Micellar Cleansing Water

Yes we know Micellar cleansing water has apparently been around forever; however for our generation this is ground breaking. Nothing is worse than that feeling of running out of makeup wipes after a long evening with the kids or with lemon drops. The solution? This water. Literally this bottle is the equivalent of three makeup wipe containers and when we get heavy with the contour at least two. Your skin will feel like it took a drink after this one.

Shea Moisture Hydrating Mud Mask, Tony Moly I’m Real Lemon Mask Sheet, and Miss Spa Bee Venom Plumping Mask

Speaking of dry skin bring on the masks. Your cold weather woes will be long behind using this trio to hydrate, tighten and brighten your dullest winter skin.

You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life

No matter how sunny you look on the outside, if your disposition is cloudy you are totally throwing off your chi. Break out of a mental rut, and break into this mental refresher. A self-help book for our generations, Jen brings the most badass advice for loving you and living your best life. A Chill.Pop.Live favorite, we crack open this puppy whenever we need a reminder to live life to it’s fullest.

FYI, the books and the earrings came from Target. Is it just us or do you always say it with a French accent? The beauty goods purchased at the amazing ULTA, a one stop shop to fabulosity. And the lemons? Where we get everything else – Crate and Barrel!

Have you tried any of these products? Talk to us in the comments below!

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Chill, Pop, LOVE!

On the subject of love, let’s focus on letting go of labels! We encourage you to think outside the box, and think into love. Check out these types of love below to inspire you to live your best Chill.Pop.LOVE.

types of love

Eat, Pray, Love.

Ishan and Kaitlin – From different religions, the key to Ishan and Kaitlin’s relationship is respecting faith, love and most importantly food. From DC, to Rome, to India these two always speak the language of love.

Crazy in Love

Katryce (The Funny Momma), CJ, Elijah, and Ashton – They don’t know karate, but they sure no crazy! This mother/son gang is all about fun.  Whether at the boys’ sports games, or chilling in the park, they are all about laughs and each other.

Computer Love

Dan and Ali – Dan and Ali bumped into each other online. Since then, they share more than Facebook and have travelled the world together… including Paris.

Love Potion No.9 + 1

Howie and Bonnie-Love – Meet Bonnie-Love’s husband Howie.  This dynamic duo got married ten years ago, and since then have built everything together including two kids, a lovely home, and a business.

Self Love

Christal – One of the most powerful choices you can ever make is the decision to love yourself. After overcoming cancer, Christal has made it her priority to celebrate and love everyday and everything about herself.  Look out for a makeover story featuring Christal, coming soon…

Ride or Die Love

Ryan, Xavier, Zachery, Cameron –  Big brother? Check.  This little girl was born with three bodyguards and unconditional love. Loyal to the end, this brood is always together and always supportive.

Yin and Yang Love

Pam and Sin – For Pam and Sin, opposites definitely attract. They find their balance in their passion for travel, Netflix, and each other.

Love Without Borders

Phong and Bert – Both are from different countries and met while living in America and have been inseparable since then! They have walked everywhere together including down the aisle.

Puppy Love

Tiana and Maurice – This couple met at thirteen and the rest is history, math and social studies.  Dating throughout high school and college, they knew a love like this could only be found in fairy tales, so they made it real and said their I dos.

Do you have a love story you’d like to share with us. Please tell us in the comments below. 

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A Stay-In Sexy Dinner Date

A Stay-In Sexy Dinner Date for Valentine’s Day Valentines wouldn’t be complete without a special date with your special someone. But let’s throw in the shocking element of surprise. Instead…

A Stay-In Sexy Dinner Date for Valentine’s Day

Valentines wouldn’t be complete without a special date with your special someone. But let’s throw in the shocking element of surprise. Instead of going out, why not stay in? Are you sighing to yourself, stay in, stay in, we are always in! This was my one night to go out and paint the town red, or pink as we prefer it.  Yes, we hear you and you can still do that too, but nothing can be more exciting than making the ordinary, extra-ordinary. So let’s skip the ubers, bypass the check, and jump right into the romance. Here’s how we plan a sexy dinner date.

The Menu

What to cook? Keep it simple. We like dishes with five ingredients or less. This is your day too, so keep your prep time for your entire meal down to thirty minutes. Our fave menu is steakhouse style.  Salt and pepper a juicy cut of steak and fire up the grill. Vegetarian? We love a rich slice of grilled eggplant. Sides? Bake a bag of rosemary fries.  Add to the drama by creating your own sauce.  We love creamy homemade garlic aioli, and stole our blueprint from Bobby Flay.  This recipe is super easy and super fast.

Steak and Potatoes

Garlic Aioli = Simply mix garlic, white wine vinegar, Dijon mustard and mayo.

Want a little greenery? Add a wedge salad, they are the new culinary comeback kids. Our tip, we surf the salad bar at our grocery store for the trimmings (bacon, onions, tomatoes, radishes, blue cheese) so we are not stuck with an entire bag of purple radishes for a month. Cut up a crisp head of lettuce into wedges and sprinkle your toppings on top. Feeling daring? Drizzle on some of that homemade garlic aioli sauce.  Then step away immediately, because this sauce is seriously life. Literally, drizzle it on anything and you won’t be able to stop eating.

Wedge salad

Oh and dessert, we nearly forgot… we guess because it only took us a couple minutes to make.  Chocolate mousse is our go to quickie.  Melt marshmallows, chocolate, and cream in the microwave, cool it at room temp, and pop it into the fridge. You will be in chocolate heaven in no time.

Chocolate Mousse

The Set Up

Ditch your normal scenery. No kitchen or dining room allowed here. Take your partner straight to the bedroom. Look for a somewhat empty nook and clear the clutter. Yes, you heard us. You can’t have a romantic dinner if you are staring at broken dinosaur arms and stray socks. Next, find a disguise. No, not for you, but on second thought this could work in this scenario.  Anyway, back to the task at hand, disguise your room.  You and your partner should feel like you are somewhere you’ve never been, someplace sexy. Throw a faux fur throw on a chair, place some pillows on the ground, and disguise a coffee table.  One of the quickest ways to make any table look different is to place craft paper on top.  This is Valentine’s so we thought we would bring in some black paper for that boudoir feel. Most rolls are precut to fit any normal size coffee table and you won’t even need your trusty scissors.  Bonus, grab some chalk or a marker and send a message to your love. Shhh… don’t tell us. Show us! Take pics and #cpl.

Sexy Dinner Date

The Table

Now, about that tablescape, flowers are the chicest way to decorate. Their bright color and beauty bring flair to any set up.  Also, they just make you happy!!! We sprinkle a few on the table and pull out our trusty rosebud vases. Because these vases are so small, only a few flowers are needed to decorate the whole table.


Candles bring in a soft romantic vibe and a low votive will help you and your love maintain some much needed eye contact. Imagine how amazing you will both look and feel bathed in warm light.  Also everything you just cooked, it’s time to plate it.  Keep things interesting by mixing up different shapes, textures and styles of plates. When in doubt, throw in a metallic. A metallic is neutral enough to go with any pattern, or color, but sparkly enough to bring major glam style. They are always a CPL MVP. Also please use different types of metallic. It’s ok. Silver, rose, and gold can get along. It’s 2018.

The Rest

Well that’s up to you and partner.  But above all, the number the one rule is have fun. As you enter this year of Chill.Pop.Live, it’s all about getting out of your comfort zone and getting into life. Let go of your stresses, and take a minute to really enjoy the world around you. There is beauty in everything, but most importantly in you!


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Secrets to an Uber Affordable Wedding

This wouldn’t be the month of love without addressing the obvious… yes we know it’s cuffing season. Which could only mean one thing, hitching season is slowly creeping around the…

This wouldn’t be the month of love without addressing the obvious… yes we know it’s cuffing season. Which could only mean one thing, hitching season is slowly creeping around the corner. Yes, my friends, that oh so special time of year when you are either getting married, in a wedding, or a guest. If you are indeed one of those three, or are cursed enough to be all, please forward to the bride or to yourself our simple tips to Chill.Pop.Live at your wedding:

Rule of thumb

Above all this is the one rule you must abide by. If at any time you find yourself performing deep breathing exercises with a paper bag, cursing out your bridesmaids, or only drinking your meals through a straw you must resort to chanting this rule. This is only one day. Yes we know it is a very special day and something you’ve been waiting for your whole life; but, let’s think about it, is it? Reality check, what you’ve been waiting for your whole life is to finally share it with someone who truly loves you. Yes my friends, out of the seven billion lovable goofs in this world, you have finally found your match. That special him or her who you kiss at night with your mouth guard, who finds your farts somewhat tolerable and sticks around after learning your breasts scream more national geographic than whisper Victoria’s Secret. So, above all get excited that you are celebrating your life together and do not, I repeat, do not place all of your focus and anxiety on one day. Remember, before this, the only person who adored you this much is your mother, which brings us to our next point.

Politely declining others opinions

When you say the big I do, expect for multiple opinions, mostly from your parents, but also your friends, bridesmaids, and coworkers. Yes my friends, everyone will be vicariously living through you, so to avoid stress, delegate, delegate, delegate, oh and nod. Remember your best friend, or cousin, or college roomie that you appointed as maid of honor? She is officially head of interference. If we knew football references, this would either be a quarterback or line back or something with a back. Anyway, it is officially her/his job to have your back. This means keeping your bridesmaids in line and your friends checked. Be respectful, be polite, but ultimately be you. Stand firm on those things that are important to you and let go of tradition. Which leads us to our next point… invitations.

Wii for first dance


Besides the thank you cards, this will be your most off-putting and undesirable task. To make the lift easier, explore paper free options. Before you gasp, remember, this is 2018. Most of your guests have email addresses and wifi, even mifi. So, with one click of a button you can send out all your invites and preserve those chapped lips for better things… like drinking to calm your nerves. If digital invites are not your thing, throw an invite party. Have your bridesmaids help assemble and send your invites. However, try to keep the invites to one sheet of paper. Bonus tip: create your thank you cards at the same time. As you receive each RSVP or gift, you can add a personalized line to the thank you card. The world is your oyster. Get creative and most importantly get going. But to where? Well our location.



Your location will set the mood for your event. But, remember rule #1, this is only one day, so pick a location that is affordable for your lifestyle and budget. You don’t need to book that ultra exclusive, 2-year waiting list, super posh historic building. Reality check, you don’t want to be paying for that building or your thousands of other wedding costs while you are paying for all your unexpected newlywed bills…that house you fell in love with, that extra pink line on your pregnancy test that you were not planning for, and pet vet bills for when your dog swallows your wedding ring. Think outside the box like the place you first met, that local distillery, or your favorite restaurant. Make it personal, make it you, and most importantly make it fun!

Republic Restoratives wedding venue

Food & Drinks

The lifeline of your event. Good food can heal all wounds and great drinks will make you forget them. Serve dishes that are you and your betrothed’s favorite. If you don’t normally order truffle steak with artichoke palm harts, don’t serve it at your wedding. A great alternative to sit down dinners is food trucks. For 1/3 of the price of a traditional sit down caterer, you can take your guests on a culinary tour featuring anything from pesto grilled cheese sandwiches to prime rib and lobster. Also, make sure you have a great bartender and Ubers on hand. No matter what happens, your guests will be satisfied if the drinks are flowing and the food is delicious.

food trucks at wedding

Bridal Attire

Finding the perfect dress can be intimidating. The worst thing in the world is to fall in love with your dream dress in a magazine and realize to purchase it you have to fly to Paris and get custom fitted by the designer. The alternative… find multiple dresses, pick out what you like from each dress (neckline, back, fabric, etc.), and design your own. A local dress maker can quickly create your dream concoction and it will be exactly what you want. Both Bonnie-Love and I were inspired by magazine creations and designed our own dresses. We paid, including fabric, under three hundred bucks. Also, we both had our custom made dresses within weeks. Bonnie, who had previously went to fashion school and owned her own boutique, actually made her own dress. Having affordable dresses took off so much pressure off the final day. This will allow you to do fun things like a bachelorette party in Vegas, which leads us to our final point.

custom bridal dresses

Roll the dice, let it fall off the table, onto the floor, and out of the room.
Pretty much everything you plan for is subject to change. Your best friend can bail, your venue can double book, and you can even suffer a massive break out before you get married. However, the one thing that won’t fail and the reason you are saying I do is because of that person next to you. Remember as long as you two are there you already have the perfect wedding. If all else fails read rule #1.


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