On the subject of love, let’s focus on letting go of labels! We encourage you to think outside the box, and think into love. Check out these types of love below to inspire you to live your best Chill.Pop.LOVE.

types of love

Eat, Pray, Love.

Ishan and Kaitlin – From different religions, the key to Ishan and Kaitlin’s relationship is respecting faith, love and most importantly food. From DC, to Rome, to India these two always speak the language of love.

Crazy in Love

Katryce (The Funny Momma), CJ, Elijah, and Ashton – They don’t know karate, but they sure no crazy! This mother/son gang is all about fun.  Whether at the boys’ sports games, or chilling in the park, they are all about laughs and each other.

Computer Love

Dan and Ali – Dan and Ali bumped into each other online. Since then, they share more than Facebook and have travelled the world together… including Paris.

Love Potion No.9 + 1

Howie and Bonnie-Love – Meet Bonnie-Love’s husband Howie.  This dynamic duo got married ten years ago, and since then have built everything together including two kids, a lovely home, and a business.

Self Love

Christal – One of the most powerful choices you can ever make is the decision to love yourself. After overcoming cancer, Christal has made it her priority to celebrate and love everyday and everything about herself.  Look out for a makeover story featuring Christal, coming soon…

Ride or Die Love

Ryan, Xavier, Zachery, Cameron –  Big brother? Check.  This little girl was born with three bodyguards and unconditional love. Loyal to the end, this brood is always together and always supportive.

Yin and Yang Love

Pam and Sin – For Pam and Sin, opposites definitely attract. They find their balance in their passion for travel, Netflix, and each other.

Love Without Borders

Phong and Bert – Both are from different countries and met while living in America and have been inseparable since then! They have walked everywhere together including down the aisle.

Puppy Love

Tiana and Maurice – This couple met at thirteen and the rest is history, math and social studies.  Dating throughout high school and college, they knew a love like this could only be found in fairy tales, so they made it real and said their I dos.

Do you have a love story you’d like to share with us. Please tell us in the comments below.