Falling back in love with your shoes | A Shoe Makeover

Have you ever had a pair of shoes that you cherish? Sure it may have been rocky in the beginning. One of you may have had to stretch a little to make this a good fit. But, you both committed and made it work. For months, you two were in love. Whether grabbing a quick bite to eat, or strolling in the park, you two were inseparable.  You even remember that first date or new job when you were together. Well until the unthinkable happens, it’s a year in and you guys are on a dry spell.  Those sexy stilettos just aren’t stacking up next to this season’s stunners. Well have no fear, here at Chill.Pop.Live, we can show you how to bring the magic back! Bonus, we won’t even charge you for therapy. It’s shoe makeover time!

To keep you and your favorite heels in sync, please see the below guide to reviving your relationship.

Assess the Damage

Everybody has a shoe they are in love with; however, after months or years of endless wear, the shoe becomes more “bore snore” than “chill thrill”. THE SOLUTION: Figure out what is no longer working for you. Assess the color, style, and condition of the shoe to identify areas of improvement.  Is the heel worn? Easy fix, call a local cobbler who can refinish the soles.  Is the color dated? This is not an easy fix. Unless the shoes are satin and you can dye them, it may be time to say goodbye and send them to (gasp) the back of the closet.  Maybe it’s the style. Is there a new trend you are interested in and your current shoe game doesn’t cut it? Or, are you afraid to invest in a trend that may be gone by next season? We’ve found the solution… Repurpose a pair of previously worn shoes. Why invest in a trend when you can makeover an existing pair of shoes you already have?

Shoe Makeover

Cue the Glue

Anything that is broken will need glue and shoes are no exception. Here at CPL, we know the quickest way to redesign a shoe is to glue on embellishments. Whether it is feathers, pom-poms, or velvet ties, adding embellishments to a pair of shoes can totally ramp up their look. To prove our point, we pulled out our good and faithful black stilettos.  These stilettos have been our favorite go-to over the years; however, recently, they just seem to be lying around in our closet.  There is a new trend that we’ve been dying to try, the faux feather/fur slide. To execute this makeover it is pretty simple.

  1. Apply hot glue to your shoe. By now, you should know the hot glue gun is our favorite tool, but it makes life so much easier and it’s super quick.
  2. Place the fur trim on top of the glue. We chose Touch of Nature 1- Piece Feather Marabou Craft Boa on Amazon.
  3. Trim the excess fur off the shoe. And tada! Your shoe has officially been made over.

DIY Shoe Makeover


faux fur shoe makeover

Now start walking ’cause it’s time to remember why you two were inseparable in the first place. Make sure to use #cpl when showing us your shoe makeover.