Cue the music! Turn up the lights. It’s one of our favorite holidays. No, the kids aren’t going back to school, but yes, you will finally get a well-deserved break. Ladies! Can you hear us? We said LADIESSSSSSS can you hear us?!?!! We’ll show you how to plan a galentine’s dinner sans stress.

Chill Pop Live Galentines Party

Galentine’ Day is Near.

A day dedicated to laughing your well-squatted derriere off with your besties and celebrating sisterhood. Oh, and did we mention there will be food… real food. Okay maybe one salad, but we promise there will be carbs. How do you throw a five star event without breaking your piggy bank?  We know there is a daycare bill to pay on Monday and shoe shopping on Tuesday. Want to save your dollars and spend your fun? Well, listen closely. We’re sharing all our secrets to host a chic Galentine’s Day dinner that will be as enjoyable for you as it is for your guests.

How to Plan a Galentine’s Dinner

Keep decorating to a minimum.

We try to invest in a couple great artificial flowers that we can reuse at events.  These keep costs down and you can use them as fillers with fresh floral pieces. Flowers are nature’s beauty and can be way more striking then a room full of streamers. No kids party here. Also, adding a pre-dinner sweet to your place setting is both fun and brings color to the table. We chose these delicious macaroons to give that necessary pop!

faux flowers for party decor

Speaking of the table…

When starting out you can never go wrong with the basics. A simple white plate goes well with anything and you can find great ones mostly anywhere. We love these Crate and Barrel essential plates for a classic look.  Add a colorful or dark salad plate to heighten the drama, a patterned runner and bright paper straw. You will bring your décor to new levels. We got this great Ling’s Moment runner at Amazon the day before. Gotta love Amazon Prime for super fast shipping. Now, what to serve on those plates?

Crate and Barrel Essentials

Host Love

This is Galentine’s. That means that the host should enjoy as much as her friends. You are not supposed to be slaving away in the kitchen preparing food.

It’s all about chilling, popping and freaking living.

This is a day to celebrate you, but you can’t enjoy it if you are stressed out and exhausted from a late night cooking marathon. We love to make a quick app or two and save the heavy lifting for our biceps. So, pull off the apron and pull out your phone. By purchasing your main entrée from your fave restaurant, you can often save time and money. We decided on Olive Garden because it’s both yummy and affordable. Our guest list included several vegetarians so we opted on Seafood Lasagna Sauté and Cheese Ravioli and of course their famous house salad! We munched on the breadsticks while prepping the food. Yes, we ate pasta and carbs and we loved it… again and again and again. Plate the Olive Garden takeout on your best platters for a smart, yet posh move.

Olive Garden takeout

Our favorite app was from Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings book… round of applause for this delicious Armadillo Cheesy Garlic Bread. Literally the best bread you have ever eaten. We couldn’t even wait for it to cool. Ouch!

chrissy teigen cravings cookbookWe also created this charcuterie board in 5 minutes from dried fruit, meats and cheeses. If you love to entertain, keep a little bit of goat cheese in the fridge, olives in the pantry, dried fruit and salami. You can pull together an affordable spread in seconds. We also bring out any jam we have and place it in cute glasses. It makes for an amazing IG photo opp.

Charcuterie Board

Now, a Galentine’s is never complete without a mouthwatering cocktail.  All hail the official Chill.Pop.Live Cocktail, or CPL as we call it.  It is a heavenly blackberry concoction! Oh, and there is champagne. There is always champagne. You’ll have to try it for yourselves. For the full recipe, click here.

Chill Pop Live Cocktail

Finally, may our dessert rest in peace. It was a simple three-step mousse, but on step one our job called. On step two the baby cried and on step three we were already 3 drinks in… In any case, we didn’t give this dessert the attention it needed. For that we will give it a moment of silence. Hey, whoever said we were perfect?

Now get your asses moving and create your own Galentine’s. And, after that you’ll find yourself ready for Valentine’s Day with this sexy stay-in dinner idea.

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