“What do you mean weekend get away? It’s Friday. Girl, you’re tripping!” And that is exactly how the most epic girl trip of all time began, with Pam begging Bonnie-Love to escape. Now, don’t get me wrong, it is great to plan out vacays…and if you are anything like Bonnie, you have an organized list for everything, including what type of deodorant you should purchase and when the lint trap in the dryer should be vacuumed. Which is why it was so satisfying to convince her to throw away her lists for one weekend and live life on the edge. Did I mention she had less than 12 hours notice?  Well, this is the year of Chill.Pop.Live. So, get out of your comfort zone and get into LIFE. Mission impossible… accepted. Now, let’s begin our crime. How to get away with a quick girl’s vacay… our guide to New York.


Listen, everybody needs a break. Whether you are a sexy single, wifey, mom, career boss, none of the above, or all of the above… in order to take your life to the next level, you have to let your mind explore. By breaking from your normal routine, you are forcing yourself to engage and exit autopilot. Yes BFFs, you know what I mean.  When you wake up every day and do the same thing, you enter autopilot. That  groundhog’s day feeling, where everything just seems a bit dull and you feel like you are in a rut. Although coasting in autopilot may appear easy, the downside is you eventually lose your creativity, ambition and appreciation for life. So, let’s shake things up a bit. Give yourself a quick deadline and get moving to the …

Scene of the Crime

Location, location, location! If you are taking this challenge, then you don’t have that much time. So, pick a venue that is nearby. Chill.Pop.Live is located in Washington, D.C., so New York, New York, was the perfect trip. By bus, by train or by plane, you can make it there in a few hours. We got up super early, snagged a bus and by breakfast we were eye to eye with high rises.

scene of the crime


The most important part of your weekend vacay is trying new things. In order to awaken your senses, you must and I repeat, absolutely must, take in every opportunity to try something new. Open up your Yelp app and get walking! Make sure you pick places that appeal to all of your senses. There is nothing more exciting than sitting in a restaurant and going on a culinary journey. And New York has it all.

You can sip indulgent cappuccinos in a quaint Paris bistro, like La Parisienne, or journey back to your Saved by the Bell days at Big Daddy’s Diner. Every corner was crammed full of nostalgic magic. Yes dammit, we want our MTV! But our hands down favorite had to be Maison Pickle. This classic American eatery paired the absolute best in comfort food, cocktails and décor. Stepping into this oh-so-chic restaurant, you are immediately ushered into a dream world where the currency is pull apart butter and honey rolls. From the cool touch of the elegant marble bar, to the soft glint of the hunter green herringbone backsplash, whoever designed this place knows style. Once we melted into the warm cognac seats sipping our sexy Razzles (St. Germain, vodka, lemon and berries), we thought life couldn’t get any better… Well that is until we had the food. From the Poutine Tots to the Fried Chicken–n-French Toast, nobody has ever done it better!  Two words C’est Magnifique! One word DAYUM! Executive chef Glenroy Brown (@chefboyprince) is a culinary God.

La Parisienne NYC

Big Daddy's Malt Shakes

Chill Pop Live at Maison Pickle


Now if you’re going to get away with murder, you have to give your best Annalise Keating and bring the sexy drama. One of the best parts about being in a new city is trying fresh looks. The perfect accomplice is Sephora’s #Lipstories collection lipstick. This new take on lipstick brings you the most inspiring shades at a great cost.  For our big city adventure, we tried warm matte Brunch Date and creamy finish Malt Shake. Both these looks were absolutely delicious!

sephora's #lipstories

Getaway Plan

A true getaway is not a getaway unless you get in some R&R. Cue the spa treatments. We got everything smacked, flipped and rubbed down. From cryotherapy, to nails and massages, you name it we tried to relax it.  The cryotherapy worked wonders for our circulation and woke up those tired muscles, while the massages centered our energy and helped us focus.  The verdict… absolutely guilty of having a good time.

Getaway Plan

The Alibi

Well, that’s on you. We challenge you BFFs to take your own girl’s weekend. Using this besties’ guide to New York, please create your own mayhem and blame us… but only if you send us the pics.