Every little girl is different. You have your Bonnie-Love’s of the world that would literally throw BF’s if she was ever told she would have to wear anything frilly or pink. She came out of the womb with Doc Martins and an asymmetric bob. And then you have the Pam’s – those girls that dream of Prince Charming, white horses, and play with doll houses for hours. It just so happens, Bonnie-Love’s youngest daughter is a “Pam”.  Kali-Raye has got to be the girliest princess that you will ever meet! So, we thought what better to celebrate her 4th birthday than to throw her a magical tea party. One that she could only dream of. But, in true Chill.Pop.Live. style, this party had to have flair.

Little girl tea party idea

The Vibe

  1. It had to be unique – who wants a cookie cutter tea party with items from a box? We’re all about creating memories that last a lifetime and of course amazzzing photo opps.
  2. It must feel special- we wanted each child to feel like it was their day. A party is only fun if your friends are having fun too!
  3. It had to be inexpensive – no need to break the bank every time your kid has a birthday. This is where getting a little creative, Pinteresting like crazy, and the Dollar Tree comes in to play.

The Guest List

The guest list included 8 little princesses between the ages of 3-5. By keeping the guest list small, we were able to keep costs down. This also allowed us to splurge on some items and give these girls a true tea party experience.  The CPL way is “the more intimate the better”. It allows you to truly focus on your guests and at this age, kids really need individual attention.  Can you remember the last time you were at a crowded kid’s party venue with twenty of your child’s closest friends? After emptying your entire wallet on party packages, games and prizes, you probably spent every moment counting kids, praying you didn’t lose anybody, and holding your breath every time one of them disappeared into that endless pit of balls. The one thing you didn’t have…FUN. So, take it easy on yourself and focus on quality not quantity. Also, always enlist friends and family to help. Kali’s older sister Jayla-Skye was the hostess with the mostest.

The Venue

To create the perfect ambiance, we cleared all the furniture in the room. This gave us a blank canvas to create a space dedicated to the party. We were able to find 4 large palettes that served as the base. We added a couple folding tables but only used the tops, not the legs. We added a flat board to the top for some extra height, topped with a couple white tablecloths and we now had ourselves a sweet, low table. A green shag rug and a few fluffy pillows made for comfortable seating. We snagged the pillows at Ross and already had the rugs from a playroom. We’re all about repurposing items you already have or borrowing from friends.

We created these adorable platters with items found at The Dollar Tree. With a can of left over white spray paint and our handy dandy hot glue gun, we went to work.

The Grub

Now, on to the food…what’s a tea party without a bunch of small bites?! We have to tell you – these girls were in food heaven.

We served sweet iced tea out of dainty tea pots, added rainbow sprinkles to pink wafers, mac-n-cheese bites for little fingers, french vanilla yogurt and strawberry parfaits, PB & J minis, bought colorful cupcakes from Giant, frozen white castle burgers and made delicious strawberry milk with sprinkled rims served in the cutest milk jars we found at The Dollar Tree. Whew saying all that was a mouthful!

strawberry milk with sprinkles

sprinkled wafer and cupcakes

PB & Js and strawberry parfaits

mac n cheese bites

The Fun

Let’s get this party started. Candy necklace time! The girls started out making necklaces with Life Saver Gummies, peach rings and Fruit Loops. String them on some colorful twine and you have yourself a delicious, wearable treat.

Homemade candy necklaces

They also decorated Dollar Tree wooden hearts. To jazz it up, we glued blinged out letters for their first inital. The letters were a cheap find at A.C. Moore. With markers, stickers and gems also from The Dollar Tree, this was a quick and easy, inexpensive craft. Always remember it’s not about spending money but about spending style.

Speaking of which, we have to give a shoutout to Red Ted Art. They have a free printable template for making these card stock tea cups. We used them as decor for our custom made banner and played fun games with them. Total cost to make these bad boys was a whopping $5 and we had plenty of stock leftover. Who knew card stock could be used for so much more than scrap booking?

tea cup banner

We finished the party off with a photo booth with accessories from…you guessed it…The Dollar Tree, opened gifts and it was a wrap. All in all, we spent less than $150 on food, decor and games. But, best of all the moms of the little girls gave us the sweetest compliments. They really enjoyed the thought that was put into each detail.

It might sound like a lot, but with a friend by your side, a glue gun handy and a nice bottle of your favorite champs, you too can create a magical tea party for your favorite little one!