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Mother’s day is almost here. The one day a year, when you reign as queen and finally get the appreciation that you damn well deserve.  Yes, we see you my sister, and today we say no more treating everybody else, time for our three favorite words… “Treat Yo Self.”

Treat Yo Self.

So, drive away from the car pool line, hit the snooze button as many times as you like, and you know what, that presentation that is due Monday… yeah that’s still due. We can’t do anything about that. We are bold, but not that bold. We still like to keep a day job. #Save But, we will give you our best tips on how to take back Mother’s Day. Make sure to read all the way to the end for a free printable Mother’s Day Wishlist. Leave it in their lunchbox, on the passenger seat of Honey’s car or be bold and deliver face to face. 🙂

So a la Parks and Rec, “clothes treat yo self, massages treat yo self, mimosas treat yo self, and fine leather goods treat yo self,” because we are going to give you the Mother’s day wish list of all wish lists. And instead of treating yo self, we are going to teach your family how to finally treat you. PREACH!


First up… jewelry. Now listen, we are all about a macaroni necklace, but the last time we got off one of our extreme diets, we found ourselves cooking that necklace and adding butter.It was the only carb we had left in the house! So, to resolve that issue, if you have a full time job, please provide some jewelry that is not edible.  All jewelry is welcomed and costume jewelry is a fun and inexpensive way to keep your mom on trend and save some coins. Right now Baroque glam is having a moment…did you see the photos of our fave celebs at the Met? The theme this year was “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination”. Rihanna, SZA, Cardi B, Blake Lively to name a few, rocked the Baroque look!. It’s all about grandeur and a CPL favorite…crowns.  Pieces like these let you have fun with fashion and because they are costume, you will have no worries parting with these items next season. Check out Express and Bauble Bar for fun, ornate, costume jewelry.


Flowers, okay so nothing is more agitating than when Bae half tries and brings home the last set of wilted flowers in the grocery store. I mean yeah it’s the thought that counts, but so does planning. Take away the pressure and pick some lovely flowers from UrbanStems. Click on this link and you’ll get $15 off your order.  Literally, these flowers were designed by Vogue and take your breath away. I mean sometimes when they come to the office, we feel so fancy that we pretend we are Meryl Streep in the Devil Wears Prada for a good ten minutes. “That is all.” Side note, this is almost as fun as when we wear berets and pretend to be Beyoncé.

And, if you’re just not in to flowers, ask for this delicious sausage bouquet! We love nothing better than a few cuts of salami and cheese paired with our fave wine or champs.

Not Your Momma’s Manis

At CPL, we are all about relaxation meets glam, and what better way to do both than a mani. Yes, nothing makes you feel more like a lady, than having your nails and your hair done! So, skip the standard ballerina pink and opt for a pattern that is bright or unique. This is the day you gave birth to a human… celebrate! And not with that same safe color that you have been rocking since your wedding day. We’re loving bright yellow SNS Organic nails, chrome nails, designs and any other look that says “I take risks!”

Not your momma's nails, chrome, SNS organic, designs.

Spa Time

If you can’t go to the spa have your family bring the spa to you.  Check out this article on how they can turn your bathroom into your retreat. Trust me, this is the one CPL tip we try to use twice a week, and it strengthens are Chi! Not to mention we smell delicious when we hop out of this bath. This one is great because the kids and the hubby can get involved with the prep, (kids love to see the bath bomb hit the water), and you get to enjoy!

Spa Time at home with a bath bomb, wine and a good book

Mother’s Day Card

Finally, nothing is more precious than a card, and if it’s homemade well that just takes the cake… and the pie…and the ice cream sandwich. Gifts that make an impact come down to being thoughtful, not being rich. So, save the dough and get the kiddies and yourself on cam sending heartfelt wishes. Why the camera? Well who cannot shed a tear while they are looking into their loved one eyes. Also get with the times, if you can Facetime us at the grocery store to pick up Tostino’s pizza rolls and a 12-pack of beer, than you can send us a heartfelt message via video cam. We’re loving the Boomerang app. Have the fam download it for free and take a super fun, 6 second video. Let’s see how creative they can get.

Printable Mother’s Day Wishlist

Now that we’ve given you our tips on how to take back Mother’s Day, make sure to download our free printable Mother’s Day wishlist so you make sure to get what you really want this Mother’s Day 2018!

Download our printable Mother's Day WishlistAnd that’s all we have. Please hasthag your day with #CPL!