We’re having a Pajama Picnic! Are you ready for an adult take on your childhood favorite? Here are our rules to keeping it CPL-real and keeping your sanity.

Pajama Picnic with Hearth & Health with Magnolia

Keep it at Home

Staying home is the new going out. An indoor picnic is a fun way to surprise your guests. Not only can you change the climate with a click of a button, but you can also throw your picnic regardless of the time of day or season. No ants here!

Keep it Rustic

Farmhouse rustic is totally living its best life right now. And its bff gingham is right there with it. Gingham bikinis, gingham scarves, you name it and you can find it covered in checkered squares. And that we did! While strolling the aisles of our second home, also known as Target, we came across the Hearth & Hand with Magnolia line. Designed by Joanna Gaines, this handpicked line oozes rustic charm and brings a sophisticated twist to casual country décor. Our eyes caught a glimpse of this gorgeous gingham table runner with coordinating napkins and it was love at first sight. Throw in our CPL staple mason jars and some baby’s breath (and Rosemary!) and suddenly you are serving up a healthy dose of country chic on a dime.

Country Chic Tablescape with Hearth & Hand with Magnolia line

Keep it Simple

Drop the apron and pick up the phone. Picnics are about enjoying friends, family, and the carefree. Order a couple of your favorite foods, for us pizza is a no brainer, wings and of course drinks. Our summer fave is Frozé. We empty a bottle of Rosé into ice trays the night before… Okay, disclaimer, maybe not the whole bottle, because we sneak a couple sips. But anyway, right before the party, we drop the cubes in the blender with some fresh tart berries and juicy watermelon. With one sip, we are instantly transported to one of those cool restaurants, where everybody where’s a top bun, the kale is organic, and there is one of those trendy pink neon signs blinking above our head. Okay back to reality. Drink? Check. Pizza? Check. Dessert? Remember the mantra… “keep it simple”. Desserts are a fun way to bring a burst of color to the table and if that color is pink, well all the better. We went with donuts decorated in fruity pebbles. It played on the childhood theme and was the perfect pairing with pizza. Best of all we did not have to make them!

Keep it easy with foods for your indoor picnic.

Why should the fun end?

Charcuterie board + Wine = the CPL version of hitting up the drive through after the club. We created an after party table with a gorgeous charcuterie board and assortment of wines. This allows guests to transition from the table to a more relaxed vibe and enjoy other entertainment including music and movies.

Chacuterie, chips and dip and wine make for a fun afterparty!

Keep it fun

The best picnics are in your pajamas. Nix the formal wear and settle into your coziest pjs, or sexiest, whatever you prefer. But, you must wear gloss. Why? Well, because you are a CPL lady. Also, because this whole party is so amazing, all your besties will be instagram-ing it! Hope you’ve enjoyed the photos from our Pajama Picnic with Hearth and Health with Magnolia line!

Snapchat filters at our pajama picnic

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