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Road Tripping with Kids

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School will soon be out for summer, which not only means the end of your sanity but that road trip season is creeping around the corner. Now, before you grimace, reminiscing on the days your thighs were stuck to the sweltering leather of your dad’s sedan, while your little brother insanely punched you squawking, “punch buggy don’t punch back”, and your mom through heavily frosted lips hissed at you both “don’t make me come back there”…we promise you this vacay will be smooth sailing driving. So in true Chill.Pop.Live. style we are sharing our guide for adulting through family vacays with long commutes. Buckle up, this could get bumpy! Let’s start our Road Trip with Kids.



Before you begin planning the big trip, include all of your family members in the planning process. Why? Well because everyone will be in a good mood and more inclined to participate in all of the activities, if they feel like they helped plan it.  Assign ownership of specific tasks to each family member, so that all the pressure doesn’t fall on you to create everyone’s dream vacay. We recommend you plan your trip in these four simple areas:

  1. Location
  2. Lodging
  3. Food
  4. Activities

Have a total #girlboss moment and make everyone present their ideas for a location and vote on it together. Then assign a task area to each family member and ask them to present multiple options for a group vote as well. Encourage your family to get creative with their presentations. If they want to go snorkeling they can present their idea in a swimsuit. In to the Tour de France? Ride your bike into the kitchen. You get the point, making the sales pitches fun will help everyone get in the mood and also sharpen your kids presentation skills. Win! Win! Recently, our CPL co-founder Bonnie-Love was planning a trip for Spring Break with her husband and 2 daughters. They took a family vote and settled on Orlando, Florida.



CPL's Road Trip Packing ChecklistYes going on vacay is not only about bright turquoise waters, soft sand beaches and crisp white sheets, but it also involves the P word… PACKING! Alright, we know packing can be a little overwhelming, so it’s time to do it Chill.Pop.Live. style.  First you are an adult, so instead of throwing your sh*t haphazardly in a bag, make a checklist. Make your checklist specific and include the count of each item needed. Which reminds us, there is absolutely no need to pack everything you own for an “emergency”. In the event a true emergency does happen, you won’t be thinking “well this tenth pair of goggles really came into use”. However, we will give you a pass on that extra 3:1 ratio of underwear every woman always packs. Yeah you know what we’re talking about… you’re gone for two days but you insist on bringing a week’s worth of undies. This is some sort of inherited generational curse, and even we can’t break it. The fear of being without undies is too real!

Give your family their list and one week prior to the trip ask each family member to check another family member’s bag. Before we forget, total space saver were these vacuum bags we found on Amazon. Fold your clothes, put in bag and roll-up. That’s it! It squeezes all the air out which means you can get more in your suitcase!

Next, luggage has come a long way since we were growing up, so invest in a set that works for your life. Suitcases now come with everything including multiple compartments, phone chargers, and a super cool thing we like to call 360 degree wheels that move in any direction. We’re crushing on the Genius Pack luggage. It comes with multiple compartments which helps to keep us majorly organized. And if you’re super nerdy like us, you’ll totally be in to these packing cubes complete with laundry bag, shoe bag and toiletry bags. Also, in the event that you do forget something… breathe! You can always purchase it at your destination.

Now that you’re all packed, it’s time to drag your baggage into the trunk. Pause. *In our Erykah Badu voice* “Bag Lady you going to hurt your back, dragging all them bags like thaaa…” Okay back to the blog.


The Dreaded Car Ride

Umm, long car rides, before we begin let’s create a safe word, ours is “Pinneaples.” Just kidding, trust us family road trips are so much better now thanks to technology, so let go of your previous apprehensions.  Gone are the days of limited air conditioning, paper maps, narrow backseats, gigantic coolers, and sing alongs. Okay maybe sing alongs can stay, we really like those… especially Beyonce ones. Bring on your dual climate control, GPS, yeti cups/snacks, and iEntertainment (iBooks, iTunes, iPads, iWhatevers). Yes, we totally have family sing alongs and play car games, but for a fourteen-hour drive, we definitely are those parents who believe in Ipads. It also gives us something to threaten to take away when they get into a fight.

“Kids, no more car songs” just isn’t as exciting as “Kids, no more Descendants”.

Snack Time cards prevent begging on Road Trips!

Bonnie-Love made a cute clothes line for her road trip with some yarn she had laying around. She created hanging cards with different times. At each time, her daughters got a snack. Not sure if your kids are like hers, but they can eat her out of house and home. So, she made sure to load up on snacks at BJ’s Warehouse before the trip. Stocking up on food for the trip, is a great way to save money and The idea behind the time cards is to eliminate the constant begging. Now, the kids know exactly when to ask for food. Genius! Do yourself a favor and get a car seat cooler/organizer to ride in between your kids. With cupholders, built-in tray table and compartments to store toys and gadgets, this will become one of your fave travel buddies!

Golden Rule of Road Tripping with Kids: Stock Up on Food

Are we there yet?

Yes we finally are, now that you are finally there take a moment to soak it in. You are creating memories that will last a lifetime and there is no place you would rather be in this moment than present with the people who love you the most.  Watching your children’s eyes light up as they experience a new environment for the first time is priceless. You’ve survived road tripping with kids! Share this with all your mom friends that are taking family road trips soon. 🙂

Road Tripping made easy

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