This wouldn’t be the month of love without addressing the obvious… yes we know it’s cuffing season. Which could only mean one thing, hitching season is slowly creeping around the corner. Yes, my friends, that oh so special time of year when you are either getting married, in a wedding, or a guest. If you are indeed one of those three, or are cursed enough to be all, please forward to the bride or to yourself our simple tips to Chill.Pop.Live at your wedding:

Rule of thumb

Above all this is the one rule you must abide by. If at any time you find yourself performing deep breathing exercises with a paper bag, cursing out your bridesmaids, or only drinking your meals through a straw you must resort to chanting this rule. This is only one day. Yes we know it is a very special day and something you’ve been waiting for your whole life; but, let’s think about it, is it? Reality check, what you’ve been waiting for your whole life is to finally share it with someone who truly loves you. Yes my friends, out of the seven billion lovable goofs in this world, you have finally found your match. That special him or her who you kiss at night with your mouth guard, who finds your farts somewhat tolerable and sticks around after learning your breasts scream more national geographic than whisper Victoria’s Secret. So, above all get excited that you are celebrating your life together and do not, I repeat, do not place all of your focus and anxiety on one day. Remember, before this, the only person who adored you this much is your mother, which brings us to our next point.

Politely declining others opinions

When you say the big I do, expect for multiple opinions, mostly from your parents, but also your friends, bridesmaids, and coworkers. Yes my friends, everyone will be vicariously living through you, so to avoid stress, delegate, delegate, delegate, oh and nod. Remember your best friend, or cousin, or college roomie that you appointed as maid of honor? She is officially head of interference. If we knew football references, this would either be a quarterback or line back or something with a back. Anyway, it is officially her/his job to have your back. This means keeping your bridesmaids in line and your friends checked. Be respectful, be polite, but ultimately be you. Stand firm on those things that are important to you and let go of tradition. Which leads us to our next point… invitations.

Wii for first dance


Besides the thank you cards, this will be your most off-putting and undesirable task. To make the lift easier, explore paper free options. Before you gasp, remember, this is 2018. Most of your guests have email addresses and wifi, even mifi. So, with one click of a button you can send out all your invites and preserve those chapped lips for better things… like drinking to calm your nerves. If digital invites are not your thing, throw an invite party. Have your bridesmaids help assemble and send your invites. However, try to keep the invites to one sheet of paper. Bonus tip: create your thank you cards at the same time. As you receive each RSVP or gift, you can add a personalized line to the thank you card. The world is your oyster. Get creative and most importantly get going. But to where? Well our location.



Your location will set the mood for your event. But, remember rule #1, this is only one day, so pick a location that is affordable for your lifestyle and budget. You don’t need to book that ultra exclusive, 2-year waiting list, super posh historic building. Reality check, you don’t want to be paying for that building or your thousands of other wedding costs while you are paying for all your unexpected newlywed bills…that house you fell in love with, that extra pink line on your pregnancy test that you were not planning for, and pet vet bills for when your dog swallows your wedding ring. Think outside the box like the place you first met, that local distillery, or your favorite restaurant. Make it personal, make it you, and most importantly make it fun!

Republic Restoratives wedding venue

Food & Drinks

The lifeline of your event. Good food can heal all wounds and great drinks will make you forget them. Serve dishes that are you and your betrothed’s favorite. If you don’t normally order truffle steak with artichoke palm harts, don’t serve it at your wedding. A great alternative to sit down dinners is food trucks. For 1/3 of the price of a traditional sit down caterer, you can take your guests on a culinary tour featuring anything from pesto grilled cheese sandwiches to prime rib and lobster. Also, make sure you have a great bartender and Ubers on hand. No matter what happens, your guests will be satisfied if the drinks are flowing and the food is delicious.

food trucks at wedding

Bridal Attire

Finding the perfect dress can be intimidating. The worst thing in the world is to fall in love with your dream dress in a magazine and realize to purchase it you have to fly to Paris and get custom fitted by the designer. The alternative… find multiple dresses, pick out what you like from each dress (neckline, back, fabric, etc.), and design your own. A local dress maker can quickly create your dream concoction and it will be exactly what you want. Both Bonnie-Love and I were inspired by magazine creations and designed our own dresses. We paid, including fabric, under three hundred bucks. Also, we both had our custom made dresses within weeks. Bonnie, who had previously went to fashion school and owned her own boutique, actually made her own dress. Having affordable dresses took off so much pressure off the final day. This will allow you to do fun things like a bachelorette party in Vegas, which leads us to our final point.

custom bridal dresses

Roll the dice, let it fall off the table, onto the floor, and out of the room.
Pretty much everything you plan for is subject to change. Your best friend can bail, your venue can double book, and you can even suffer a massive break out before you get married. However, the one thing that won’t fail and the reason you are saying I do is because of that person next to you. Remember as long as you two are there you already have the perfect wedding. If all else fails read rule #1.