As we officially face the tail end of winter, it’s time to go some place warm and if not in person why not in spirit. At Chill.Pop.Live, our favorite thing to do is take a staycation. Yes my friends, turn off your cell, turn on your senses and let’s venture someplace special. Think of your happy place and channel it. For this post, let’s go to the beach.  And you’re in luck… all you need is a bathroom to take this magical journey.

Clear the Clutter.

If you want to travel to that magical vacation spot, you have to clear the clutter. Opt for replacing your plastic shampoo and toiletry containers with a sleek set of glass bottles. Take an inventory of your towels, if they are the same thread-bare ones you had from your college dorm, toss them. An easy option is white towels. Contrary to belief they are super easy to clean with a little beach and you can find great ones anywhere from Homegoods, to Target to Nieman’s.

Set the mood.

Light your favorite scented candle and play music. Wherever you want to go, you can’t get there unless the mood is right. Dim the lights and turn up the music from your place of choice. For us the sound of ocean beach waves is a must. It will allow your body to relax, while reminding your mind of where you want to be. Not a fan of music? Grab a book or open up your laptop and play a beach vacay movie.  Whatever gets you there, try it. Candles are an easy way to transport your senses. If you are not a fan of candles, opt for fragrant essential oils. One of our favorite places to pretend we are is Thailand. We’ll go to the local grocery and purchase a bottle of essential oil to remember the fresh island scent of jasmine.

Pour a bath.

If we are at the beach, then we are in water, so grab a bath bomb and you are there. Bath bombs come in a multitude of colors from the deep navy blue of Maine waters to the bright turquoise of the Thai ocean. Pick your dream shade and begin your transportation. For a bonus effect, throw in a cup of epsom salt and watch your stomach de-bloat. Grab a bunch of flowers from your local floral shop. Chop off the stems and throw the flowers into the tub for some much needed visual R and R.

Do a facemask.

While you’re in the tub relaxing and getting skinny, your pores are also opening a mile a minute so why not fill them with some powerful antioxidants. Don’t know what mask to try? Sephora has a mask kit featuring a multitude of sample sizes to try. Bonus, once you find the mask you like, Sephora will gift you with a full size version of your favorite choice.

Pour a cocktail.

We have never taken a trip anywhere without a cocktail. Grab your drink of choice from your favorite vacay and recreate it at home. If you’re not a craft cocktail wiz, save the time and effort and grab a bottle of flavored Deep Eddy’s Vodka. This drink line is a cocktail lovers dream. Packed with punch of vodka, but inhabited with the flavor of juice. This vodka line is a notch above the rest and doesn’t have that too sweet syrupy taste that a lot of flavored vodkas are known for.

Now relax and escape. Stop reading!!!