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Double Dating Ideas for Busy Couples

Double Dating Ideas for Busy Couples Hey CPL ladies! Today we are talking about a different kind of bestie… “Double Besties.” We understand, and know adulting is super hard. Between…

Double Dating Ideas for Busy Couples

Hey CPL ladies! Today we are talking about a different kind of bestie… “Double Besties.” We understand, and know adulting is super hard. Between the endless feedings, Netflix marathons, and “what if” arguments… Please see below for reference:

Wifey: What if I die, would you marry someone else?

Bae: Of course… but not for a very long time.

Wifey: Oh, so you are already planning to cheat on me.

Bae: Well it’s until death do us part and you are dead.

Wifey: And you are a monster!!!!!!!!

End scene.

Easy and fun couples date night ideas

It can feel like you and Bae are on a desert island, while everyone else is living their “best life” on Instagram.  And although the location of an exotic island may seem appealing… it would be more glamorous, if there weren’t bills, fighting children, and an abundance of strep throat and pink eye. Until that magical day when you spot them across the playground, that cool couple with kids about your age. They are arguing just as loudly as you and Bae, while bandaging scraped knees, fighting off exhaustion, and discreetly sipping spiked coffee from a Seven Eleven Big Gulp cup. This must be a mirage. They seem real, and caring, and most importantly fun. Let’s go over and meet them. And as you proudly strut up to them, couple’s mating season begins. You officially have someone to vent to when you are stuck baking brownies for the bake sale.

Here are CPL’s tips for couples double dating

  1. Stay in – Whip up an exciting dinner at home and go for exotic fare. Let’s face it, all week long, you have been stuffing your dainty face with goldfish, organic chicken nuggets, and the scrapings of your kids leftover plates. Tuck the kiddies in and treat yourself and your friends to something they could only imagine eating at a cool food truck. Our favorite go to is the super easy Bulgogi recipe from the Godmother of Entertaining Martha Stewart. This takes only a half hour to make and we double the sauce to flavor precooked meatballs. Defrost some steamed dumplings and you have a pretty impressive meal. Keep lettuce wraps on hand for those with diet restrictions. And of course we Crate and Barreled up our presentation.
  2. Make it a family thing – The best part about hanging out with a couple with kids is you no longer need a babysitter to have fun. So head to someplace both the kids and adults can enjoy… our recommendation camping! Sit underneath the stars all while bonding, toasting s’mores, and telling each other scary stories. Bring along canoes and have a family race or get lazy and drift along the river in a tube on a slow Sunday morning.
  3. Paint and Sip – Grab some canvases and head outside. Let nature work its inspiration, while the kids have a blast and you sip cocktails and draw a la Bob Ross. This is a great way for both families to break from electronic entertainment and stay present in the moment.
  4. Use Groupon! This site has hundreds of activities dedicated to couples, families, friends and singles. Learn or try something you always wanted to all with your new besties beside you.\
  5. Enjoy having friends! Make sure to cherish your new friendships and take the time to help them grow. One of the best feelings in the world is having someone you can relate to, so remember that. You will transition from “what if” arguments to actual confirmation of your deepest thoughts:


Wifey: I know it’s crazy.

Wifey 2: Like he can throw a sac of beans into a cornhole this small.

Wifey: But can’t pee inside of a wide toilet.

And that my friend is priceless!

Comment below and let us know about your favorite double dating ideas!

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